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By Dr. Derek Ellerman

Oh, dear reader, how many times now? 

How many times have you seen fake news accounts or DNC paid shills on social media proclaiming that “the walls are closing in” on Trump? 

How many times has Trump been right on the verge of “going to jail” for this or that imagined offense? 

Now, I don’t want to make a prediction, but it looks like yet another media-hyped crisis could be on the ropes. 

Politico reports that the grand jury in Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s case against Trump is taking a break. For a month.

I’m not a lawyer, but doesn’t that seem a little strange given all the prognostications about Trump finally going to jail? 

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Month’s Worth of Vacation?

It gets better. You see, there’s nothing wrong with the case – Trump is most assuredly guilty and going to jail – this month-long hiatus was just a “pre-planned” hiatus! 

If you’re in the market for “pre-planned month-long hiatuses” or bridges in Vietnam, well step right on up. I have both for sale! 

An unnamed source told Politico, “The following two weeks are set to be a hiatus that was scheduled when the grand jury was first convened in January.”

Maybe, maybe not. Sure. 

Now again, I’m no lawyer and I don’t play one on TV. But I’m guessing there might be sliiiiiightly more to this story.

Isn’t there always?

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As The Political Insider’s MVP Rusty Weiss noted last week, it appears to anyone with a working brain that the “case” against Trump hit two significant snags last week. 

For starters, a letter surfaced showing that Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, complained that Trump specifically did not pay him. Kinda hard to pay hush money without… well, paying it. Right? 

Here’s the letter: 

Right there in black and white: “Neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign was a party to the transaction with Ms. Clifford, [Stormy Daniels] and neither reimbursed Mr. Cohen for the payment directly or indirectly.” 

Seems plain as day, doesn’t it? 

But that’s not all. 

Stormy Daniels also released an official statement in 2018 expressly saying that the so-called affair itself never even happened, forget about payments.

Look for yourself: 

In the letter, Clifford/Daniels explicitly says she is not denying the affair because of any hush money payments, either. 

OK. So let’s look at the score here. 

  • Cohen says he paid, and was not ever paid by Trump or any of his business entities
  • Daniels says the affair never even happened at all
  • The next week, the grand jury takes a “pre-planned” month off

The truth is, it takes a lawyer to combine these two facts into a legal spectacle to “get Trump.” Any honest person looks at all this and sees it for exactly what it is. 

On the other hand, I could be totally wrong and off-base. It’s never happened before, but much like the mystical Trump imprisonment, it could theoretically happen.

Now, what’s it going to take to get you into this nice Vietnamese bridge today?

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