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New York Times Acknowledges Deep State, Says It’s ‘Kind Of Awesome’

For a long time many on the Left, including the New York Times, talking about the ‘Deep State’ was mere rightwing conspiracy theory nonsense. The idea that there was an entrenched class of unelected bureaucrats manipulating society behind the scenes was just crazy talk, they insisted. Now, apparently, the Deep State is awesome. So declared […]

Cher Breaks Down In Court As She Suffers Major Defeat – ‘Would Not Be Alive…’

The radically liberal singer Cher broke down in court this week before a judge denied her request for a temporary emergency conservatorship over her 47 year-old son Elijah Blue Allman. Cher pictured with her son Elijah Blue Allman back in 2002Cher's request for a temporary conservatorship over her son Elijah Blue Allman has been turned down […]

California Just Introduced Its Slavery Reparations Package

Lawmakers in California – a free state that never had slaves – have introduced a comprehensive slavery reparations package, a series of bills that mark a first-in-the-nation attempt to turn the concept into law. The legislative package includes measures such as restoring property taken through eminent domain and providing state funding for specific groups. It […]