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The country music legend Dolly Parton is known for her sweet and bubbly persona, but it’s important to remember that she’s also a human being who has to deal with emotions like anger just like all the rest of us do. Over the years, however, Parton has learned some skills that has allowed her to use whatever kind of anger she may be feeling in a positive way.

Parton Discusses Dealing With Anger

“Well, you ain’t going to see [my anger],” said Parton, 77, according to People Magazine. “I’m just a regular person. I’m not one where I’m one person out here and another [in private]. I’m a businessperson. Sometimes you’ve just kind of gotta pitch a fit to get it done or get it done right.”

Parton went on to explain that she gets angry when “someone’s messing with my family or messing with my work,” and eventually, she’ll let how she feels be known to those around her.

“Like I’ve always said, I’ll tell ya where to put it if I don’t like where you got it. I think anybody’s like that,” Parton explained. “You can’t just go through life just floating around getting anything done.”

“I don’t lose my temper, but I use my temper,” she continued. “Of course, I’ve lost it a few times but it’s not that I’m losing my temper, I’m trying to use it because sometimes there are just some people you have to speak up to. Because if they don’t know, especially as a shock, for somebody like me to raise my voice to people, that’s not what they’re used to.”

Parton added that while she doesn’t like to raise her voice, “Sometime it is for an effect because some people just won’t listen otherwise. But, yeah, you gotta push me pretty far to get me stirred up — but then I become my daddy.”

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Parton Channels Emotions Into Songwriting

Parton also enjoys channeling her anger and her other emotions into her songwriting. She most recently did this with her hit single  “World on Fire,” which she wrote after waking up in the middle of the night to fears about the current state of the world both politically and ideologically.

“With all the greed and the hate and just everything, it just bottled up in me, and I felt I needed to say something because I just felt like I should and somebody might listen,” she said. “I don’t know how much it will do because we just keep not trying to do as good as we should, and I just really felt like I needed to say something, so I did.”

“I did feel like at least I got that off my chest,” she continued. “At least I got it out there just to make people think, if nothing else.”

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‘We’ve All Been Through Hell’

Quoting the lyrics to the song, Parton stated, “Can’t we rise above? Can’t we show some love? Can’t we just step up and make a change? We’ve all been through hell. We know all too well, can’t we make a change in Heaven’s name?”

While Parton is hoping that “World On Fire” influences listeners, she made sure to humbly add that it is “just a song.”

“I wasn’t trying to do anything other than I guess relieve my own self and to put a message out there that I thought might be helpful,” she said.

Check out “World On Fire” in the video below.

Parton is one of the few celebrities out there today who can actually still be seen as a positive role model to the masses. Next time you’re feeling angry, take a page out of Parton’s playbook and try to use your temper, instead of losing it!

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