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Earlier this year, we reported that the former “Superman” star Dean Cain had become the latest in a long line of celebrities to flee the liberal-run state of California in search of a better life. Now living in Las Vegas, Nevada, Cain is opening up about why exactly he decided it was so important to leave California.

Cain Flees California

Cain, 57, told Fox News that despite previously thinking he’d “never” leave California, there were a number of factors that led to him selling his Malibu home for $6.25 million back in May.

“My home in Malibu was going to be my forever home,” Cain admitted. “That was where I was going to die, and everything was going to be just fine. You can’t beat the weather. And I had a lovely house with the most incredible views.”

“Governments can ruin an area. And that’s what’s going on in California,” he continued. “What is happening under [Democratic California Gov.] Gavin Newsom and the Democratic leadership in the House, in Congress — people I did not vote for.”

Cain has long been one of the only openly conservative stars in Hollywood.

“People did in California vote for it. I didn’t,” he explained. “But it’s the most ridiculous large government, incredible taxation, horrible regulations for business. Very anti-business. The personal income tax is 13 — the highest levels — 13, 13.2, whatever it happens to be. You’re getting hit with the highest gas tax in the nation. Sales tax, food tax, energy tax, natural gas tax. It’s as though they’re trying to tax people out of there.”

High taxes aside, Cain also fled California to escape the state’s rampant homelessness and lenient crime policies.

“The policies are just terrible. The fiscal policies, the soft-on-crime policies, the homelessness policies,” he said back in June. “The things that our leaders in California have been doing have driven out anybody who can really afford to get out. People are flocking out of there in droves.”

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Cain Doubles Down

Perhaps the straw that broke the camel’s back for Cain was a California bill that would force judges in child custody cases to take into account whether or not a parent has accepted a child’s gender identity.

“If I were to end up in a custody case with somebody over an adolescent child who thought they were … like my son thought he was a bird, he wanted to be a bird when he was young,” Cain said. “And if I didn’t affirm his ‘birdness,’ they might have tried to take that child away from me. Which is some of the crazy things that are going on in California when it comes to that, when it comes to schools.”

Though the bill passed last month, Governor Newsom ultimately decided to veto it. The fact that such an absurd bill even made it that far, however, just goes to show how ridiculous things have gotten in California.

While he was still living in California, Cain even withdrew his son Christopher from public school over what was being taught there, instead enrolling him in a private Christian school.

“I didn’t like the things they were teaching in the public school,” he recalled. “So, there’s so many things like that. It’s pernicious, you know, just bit by bit by bit. It gets there, and it just makes you feel like you’re working for Big Brother or that you can’t do anything. So, I had to get out of California. I’m ecstatic to be in Nevada.”

“I feel like they’re going to come get me someday,” Cain added with a laugh. “And be like, ‘I’m sorry, sir. This is too good for you. You got to come back here with us to this land of ridiculousness.’ I hope that doesn’t happen.”

Cain Loving Life In Nevada

Cain has found that there are many perks about living in the great state of Nevada.

“There’s no state income tax and there’s every sports team in the world that we would want to go watch will come through here,” he said. “Every show you could possibly see. Getting in and out of the airport in Nevada? Absolute piece of cake.”

In the end, Cain feels lucky that he could afford to leave California, and his heart goes out to those who are stuck there.

“I know so many people who want to get out of California who just cannot do it,” he said. “I left. I moved into Las Vegas. I live in Nevada now. I have ten times as nice a house. I’m not kidding. Ten times as nice a house as I had in Malibu. The house is absolutely stunningly built. Gorgeous, beautiful. Everything is brand new.

“I look at my son sometimes because he’s there with me, and I go, ‘This is our house, man. Unbelievable,’” he continued. “And it cost less than our place in Malibu.”

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Scott Baio Joins California Exodus

Cain is just one of many who has made the decision to leave California in recent years, with Daily Mail previously reporting that an estimated 500,000 people left California between April of 2020 and July of 2022. The former “Happy Days” star Scott Baio is another celebrity who has fled California, moving to Florida earlier this year.

“I see people… When I drive with my kid, I gotta turn her head away. She’s 14 years old. I see people defecating on the sidewalk,” Baio lamented during a call with the Clay & Buck show. “You see people in parks shooting up. There’s people passed out everywhere. I mean it. It’s not the isolated. It’s all over the place. And I’m about ready to get out of the state. So, you know, just so you guys know, that it’s no joke out here.”

“I think, probably since Governor Newsom, it’s really gotten bad, and maybe a little before that. So, maybe four or five years ago,” he continued. “It’s just… It’s out of control, guys. Listen, I’ve been here for 45, almost 50 years. I’ve seen this place go from an absolute paradise into a cesspool…”

What’s happening in California should serve as a warning to voters everywhere of what happens when a state is completely taken over by radical leftists. If there isn’t some kind of change in leadership there soon, California can only expect to see this mass exodus continue for many more years to come.

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