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News Crew Robbed at Gunpoint While Filming in San Francisco

Crime-ridden San Francisco recently cleaned up its notoriously dirty streets for a visit by China’s Communist leader, Xi Jinping. That didn’t mean the crime went away. Such was the lesson learned by a news crew this week. The UK’s Daily Express US reported, “Czech TV journalist Bohumil Vostal found himself in a tense situation as […]

Democrats Balk At Hunter Biden Gun Charges Because He’s A Drug Addict

Who could have ever predicted it? Hunter Biden – a silent advocate for gun rights. The President’s son, as you’re most certainly aware, has been indicted on three felony charges for falsifying information on a background check to purchase a firearm. If convicted, he faces a maximum of 25 years in prison. And with that […]

What Is Driving the Rise In Teen Violence and Uncontrollable Behavior?

I wasn’t what I would call a troublemaker when I was a teenager, but I had my moments. I smoked cigarettes and occasionally would take part in what I would consider “acceptable trouble.” Things like TP-ing houses, putting bologna slices on the cars of jerks at school, and stealing yard signs for no real reason […]

Matthew McConaughey Silences Joy Behar After She Claims He’s ‘Anti-Gun’

Things got tense on “The View” this morning after Joy Behar claimed that the Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey is “anti-gun.” .@TheView is LIVE — coming up this morning: The latest #HotTopics We're chatting with Matthew @McConaughey and more — The View (@TheView) September 12, 2023 Tense Exchange On ‘The View’ Entertainment Weekly reported that […]

Five Little Known Facts About The Revolutionary War

We all have a pretty general understanding of the Revolutionary War, some may even consider themselves subject matter experts on this monumental period of human history. For the experts out there, what are the odds you knew the little known facts we were able to cobble together? Check out our list of little known facts […]

Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier: Joe Biden’s Most Embarrassing Moments

Joe Biden’s relationship with words is a lot like his relationship with gravity – it’s in free fall. This man seems to have been in office since the dawn of time, and while he probably has more recorded gaffes than any other politician in human existence, it doesn’t help that he has an endless supply […]

Democrats Want GOP Rep. Clay Higgins Arrested for Removing Socialist Protester from Event

By Dr. Derek Ellerman Democrats are in an uproar over an incident in which a Republican Congressman, Clay Higgins, physically removed a socialist protester from a press conference. It all began when a socialist identified as Jake Burdett began shouting questions at the assembled Republicans, among them Lauren Boebert, Paul Gosar, and Rep. Higgins. Burdett […]