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OJ Simpson Makes Chilling 9/11 Joke – ‘Just A Bad Date For New York’

The former NFL star OJ Simpson made a chilling 9/11 joke over the weekend while discussing the Achilles injury that prematurely ended the season of the New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers. 26 years ago today, O.J. Simpson was found not guilty of the murder of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. — Miles Commodore […]

Hollywood Star Chris Pratt Pays Powerful Tribute To Innocent Lives Lost On 9/11

The Hollywood star Chris Pratt of Guardians Of The Galaxy and Jurassic World fame stepped up on Monday to pay a powerful tribute to victims of 9/11 on the 22nd anniversary of the deadly terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people back in 2001. I don’t care what anyone says about Chris Pratt. He did more for those affected by […]

Ramaswamy: The Government Hasn’t Told Us The Truth About 9/11

The Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy cast doubt on the official government narrative behind the 9/11 attacks, suggesting the American people haven’t been told the truth. Ramaswamy, who has seen a surge in poll numbers that have put him in line with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), contends that the federal government has not been […]

Rosie O’Donnell Slams Government Response to Ohio Train Derailment, Drops 9/11 Comparison

Former talk show host and always outspoken liberal Rosie O’Donnell took aim at the government response —and more specifically the EPA’s response — to the disastrous train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. O’Donnell underscored her rant with a reminder of the devastating toll that followed 9/11. It’s extremely blunt when Rosie O’Donnell openly admits there […]