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‘Rich Men North Of Richmond’ Singer Reveals How God Saved Him From Suicide

Earlier this month, the country music singer Oliver Anthony found himself becoming an overnight success thanks to his hit song “Rich Men North Of Richmond.” In a new interview with the legendary podcast host Joe Rogan, Anthony is opening about his strong Christian faith, even crediting God with saving him from committing suicide. This Song […]

World Economic Forum Wants AI to Write a New, ‘Accurate’ Globalist Bible

In the last few months, Congress has held hearings on the implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI), ranging from its possible positive use to its already nefarious attributes, such as hackers’ abilities to use AI software to steal the voices of your family members and use them to manipulate you into believing they have been kidnapped. […]

Pennsylvania Man Arrested While Quoting the Bible on Public Property

A man was arrested this week for attempting to quote the Bible on public property during a “Pride Month” parade. Now just about anything that goes against the progressive “norms” is labeled as “hate speech,” including, apparently, the Good Word. This particular incident in Pennsylvania marks one of a few that have popped up in […]