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New CNN Poll Shows Trump With Big Lead

A new poll conducted by CNN shows Donald Trump with his biggest lead since they began publishing re-election numbers, topping President Biden currently 49-43%. Trump now holds a six-point advantage compared to when the survey was published in January. Screenshot: CNN Twitter Worse for Team Biden, adding third-party candidates widens the deficit even further. Robert […]

Key Biden Demographic – Union Workers – Are Now Trending Toward Trump

Union workers have long been an integral voter demographic for Democrats. This has been particularly true in swing states. But as of late, the realignment in our politics is shifting union support – and blue collar workers generally – to the GOP. Even in 2020, Biden barely managed a majority of union voters. That trend […]

Trump’s Absence From Fox News Debate Cost Them Millions Of Viewers

The Republican presidential primary debate that was aired on Fox News on Wednesday night brought in roughly 12.8 viewers, falling far short of ratings earned for a comparable election-season kickoff eight years ago. The former President Donald Trump’s refusal to attend the event due to what he believes is an insurmountable lead clearly hurt numbers […]