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Massachusetts High School Cancels ‘USA Day’ Celebration to ‘Avoid Politics’

The holidays during the school year are slam-packed with events, parties, and, for many, ‘Spirit Weeks.’ Spirit week is when kids are asked to tap into their creativity and come to school donning their best interpretations of whatever theme each day requires. Unfortunately, something as innocuous as Spirit Week has created controversy and frustration in […]

Teachers Union President Randi Weingarten Appears Mystified By Rise of Homeschooling

President of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten, shared an article that attempts to tackle why there is an increase in parents opting for homeschooling their children versus traditional public school. The irony is that the woman at the helm of shutting down schools during the pandemic, which lifted the veil for parents to […]

In California, ‘Social Justice’ Comes to Math Class

California likes to boast that they are the tip of the spear regarding policy and societal change. Their latest move in the world of education will no doubt find its way seeping into other state boards of education as the blue states tend to fall in line after their west coast leader. The Golden State […]

Obama Attacks Black Republican Tim Scott for ‘Minimizing Racial Inequality’

Dr. Derek Ellerman If you thought he would go away and stop whipping up racial division, you were wrong. Former President Obama, one of the worst of the 20th Century, decided to lend his voice to the woke train, attacking black Republican Tim Scott and Indian Republican Nikki Haley. Why, you may ask, would a […]