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RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Is On the Hot Seat

In the last Republican presidential primary debate, candidate Vivek Ramaswamy offered to cede his time to Republican National Committee Chairman Ronna McDaniel, saying she should announce she was stepping down from her position. Ramaswamy said, “Since Ronna McDaniel took over as chairwoman of the RNC in 2017, we have lost 2018, 2020, 2022 – no […]

Trump Challenges Meghan Markle To A Debate – ‘Let’s Set It Up’

The former President Donald Trump is speaking out this week to say that he would “love to debate” Meghan Markle, the woke wife of Prince Harry. Donald Trump tells Hugh Hewitt he would “love to debate” Meghan Markle: “I didn’t like the way she dealt with the queen … I’d love to debate her. I […]

Trump’s Absence From Fox News Debate Cost Them Millions Of Viewers

The Republican presidential primary debate that was aired on Fox News on Wednesday night brought in roughly 12.8 viewers, falling far short of ratings earned for a comparable election-season kickoff eight years ago. The former President Donald Trump’s refusal to attend the event due to what he believes is an insurmountable lead clearly hurt numbers […]

Chris Christie Makes a Whale of a Claim: Trump is ‘Too Afraid’ to Debate

Chris Christie claims the real reason Donald Trump is threatening to skip the 2024 Republican presidential primary debates is because he’s “afraid.” Trump hinted at the prospect of forgoing the debates on his Truth Social media platform. “When you’re leading by seemingly insurmountable numbers, and you have hostile Networks with angry, TRUMP & MAGA hating […]

Tulsi Gabbard Dismantles Democrat Party for Holding No 2024 Primary Debates

By Dr. Derek Ellerman Ah yes, it’s one of those days where the world just makes sense, the stars align, and everything is as it should be. The Party of Democracy that protects democracy from rightwing attacks on democracy and is all democracy-like is under fire for strengthening democracy by not holding any primary debates […]