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New York Times Acknowledges Deep State, Says It’s ‘Kind Of Awesome’

For a long time many on the Left, including the New York Times, talking about the ‘Deep State’ was mere rightwing conspiracy theory nonsense. The idea that there was an entrenched class of unelected bureaucrats manipulating society behind the scenes was just crazy talk, they insisted. Now, apparently, the Deep State is awesome. So declared […]

Jeffrey Epstein Emails Indicate Attempt to Blackmail Bill Gates Over Affair

A month doesn’t seem to go by without more salacious information about how deep the American elite was in with child sex offender and trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. While the international man of debauchery’s client list may never be revealed, Epstein’s old emails and calendar contain plenty of information to raise eyebrows about some of the […]

Report: Former CIA Director John Brennan Admits the Hunter Biden ‘Russian Disinformation’ Letter Was ‘All Political’

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan claims that former CIA Director John Brennan’s testimony before the panel confirms the infamous letter signed by 51 intelligence officials portraying Hunter Biden’s laptop as ‘Russian disinformation’ was a political operation. In that letter, the authors argued that the laptop story had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian […]

Election Interference: Ex-CIA Official Testifies That Biden Campaign Was Behind Letter From Intel Officials Claiming Hunter’s Laptop Was Russian Disinformation

Former acting CIA Director Mike Morrell admitted the Biden presidential campaign was the impetus to create the infamous letter signed by 51 intelligence officials indicating Hunter Biden’s laptop amounted to ‘Russian disinformation’. Morrell, in a transcribed interview with the House Judiciary Committee and the House Intelligence Committee, testified that he received a call from now-Secretary […]

MAGA Rep. Gaetz Drops Bombshell: We Can Prove Collusion With the Letter From 51 Intelligence Officials About Hunter’s Laptop Being ‘Russian Disinformation’

Representative Matt Gaetz contends the GOP-led House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government can prove that the infamous letter signed by 51 intelligence officials indicating Hunter Biden’s laptop amounted to ‘Russian disinformation’ was a targeted attack on the 2020 presidential election. Gaetz made the claim – long suspected amongst supporters of former […]

Trump Reveals Exactly Why the Deep State is Desperate to Stop Him

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump warned that the United States is accelerating toward another World War and suggested “deep state” actors were gunning for him since he vowed to end the conflict in Ukraine. Trump’s comments came during his first campaign rally of 2024 this past weekend in Waco, Texas. “This will be a war […]