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Massachusetts High School Cancels ‘USA Day’ Celebration to ‘Avoid Politics’

The holidays during the school year are slam-packed with events, parties, and, for many, ‘Spirit Weeks.’ Spirit week is when kids are asked to tap into their creativity and come to school donning their best interpretations of whatever theme each day requires. Unfortunately, something as innocuous as Spirit Week has created controversy and frustration in […]

Teachers Union President Randi Weingarten Appears Mystified By Rise of Homeschooling

President of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten, shared an article that attempts to tackle why there is an increase in parents opting for homeschooling their children versus traditional public school. The irony is that the woman at the helm of shutting down schools during the pandemic, which lifted the veil for parents to […]

Kirk Cameron Calls Out Book Fair Powerhouse Scholastic for Pornographic Content

Actor and children’s author Kirk Cameron announced his partnership with a new project aimed at unseating what is currently the biggest name in school book fairs. The Christian homeschool advocate and outspoken critic of LGBT books geared for children is going after the Scholastic Book Fairs to try to provide parents assurance that their children […]

Viral Videos Capture Teachers’ Fears of Dangerous, Unruly Students

Becoming an educator is one of those professions long held in high esteem for its importance to societal development and achievement. It was once a profession that enjoyed nearly universal respect. Not so much in recent times. Year after year, we hear reports of teachers leaving the education profession, with most complaints focused on inadequate […]