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Trump Congratulates Next Argentinian President, Libertarian Javier Milei: ‘Make Argentina Great Again’

Argentina has elected a new president – and he’s a hardcore libertarian. If the headlines from the major mainstream press are accurate, he’s also “far-right,” a “populist,” a “reactionary,” and “like Trump.” The South American country has been dealing with significant economic turmoil, particularly inflation nearing 150%; the new president is also an economist. Fox […]

GOP Rep Obliterates Reporter Claiming No Evidence To Support Biden Impeachment – Americans Don’t See It Because ‘You Don’t Report On It’

Representative Scott Perry (R-CA) got into a heated exchange with a reporter who suggested that Americans haven’t seen any evidence to support an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. And yes, if you ignore the volumes of evidence showing a corrupt money-making family business beholden to foreign entities, shell bank accounts with at least $20 million […]

Social Media Posts Show Fulton County DA Fani Willis Questioning 2020 Election

A series of social media posts have emerged showing Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis making multiple statements questioning the 2020 presidential election. Several posts were curated in a thread by conservative commentator Benny Johnson on X, formerly known as Twitter, with some being confirmed in a profile by earlier this month. The posts […]