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Virgin Mary Statue Filmed ‘Crying’ By Stunned Worshippers In Real-Life ‘Miracle’

Video is going viral this week showing a Virgin Mary statue “crying” in a stunning scene that is being described as a real-life “miracle.” Visitors have called it a ‘phenomenon’ (Picture: CEN) Churchgoers were stunned to see a statue of Virgin Mary apparently shedding tears, in what they’ve claimed is a ‘miracle’. The small figure […]

Mark Harmon Reveals Secret Behind ‘NCIS’ Success – ‘It’s Very Rare’

The Hollywood star Mark Harmon spoke out earlier this month to talk about his 19-year run on the hit CBS drama television series “NCIS,” and to reveal what he believes the secret behind the show’s success really is. Happy 20th anniversary NCIS! @M_Weatherly @sashaalexander @SeanHMurray @PauleyP Cote Pablo,Mark Harmon @MuseWatson @LaurenHolly DavidMcullen @BrianDietzen Robert Wagner […]

Trump ‘Defends’ Chris Christie – He’s Totally ‘Not a Fat Pig’

Presidential candidate Donald Trump feigned defending Chris Christie from jokes about his weight, saying the former governor of New Jersey is “not a fat pig.” One of Trump’s favorite new tactics of late is to take potshots at Christie by pretending to hear somebody in the crowd insulting him. And that trend continued at a […]

Pop Scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson Challenged On His Defense Of Extreme Gender Ideology

The world’s favorite scientist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, has been dipping his smarty-pants toes into the culture war waters lately, this time steering his ship into biological seas. He recently came under fire for a TikTok video in which he rather pompously scolded us regular IQ individuals for taking issue with the gender ideology cult.  After […]