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California Governor Gavin Newsom Admits San Francisco Got Cleaned Up For Chinese President Xi Jinping: ‘That’s True Because It’s True’

California Governor Gavin Newsom admitted to cleaning up the city of San Francisco, notorious for its drug, crime, and homeless epidemics, ahead of a visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping. Jinping is attending an important U.S.-China summit this week and is anticipated to meet with his American counterpart, President Joe Biden, on Wednesday for the Asia-Pacific […]

Ron DeSantis’ Campaign Comes Under Fire For Creating Trump ‘Accident Tracker’

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ campaign launched what they called a “Trump Accident Tracker,” a move that was met with a resounding thud on social media. In an obvious attempt at humor and a means to highlight mistakes made by the former President Donald Trump, the DeSantis War room announced the “accident tracker,” something they explain […]

Trump Vows To Renew Middle East Travel Ban, Revoke Visas For Hamas-Supporting Foreign Students

On Monday, the former President Donald Trump an extensive platform designed to keep “anti-American and anti-Semitic foreigners” from continuing to infiltrate this country. While this would once have been labeled common sense, the corrupt legacy media that regularly cheers the downfall of America is portraying it as a terrible, racist idea. The GOP frontrunner’s announcement […]

After Being Attacked by Israeli Official, Trump Fires Back: ‘No Better Friend to Israel’

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump issued a statement suggesting that there is “no better friend” to Israel after critics accused him of praising Hezbollah terrorists. As The Political Insider reported yesterday, Trump made comments at a Florida campaign rally in which he described Hezbollah as “very smart” and criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “But Hezbollah, they’re […]

Report: Nikki Haley Getting A Second Look From Major GOP Donors As DeSantis Flounders

Aside from Donald Trump, one other person who is looking to benefit from the Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s uninspiring presidential campaign thus far is Nikki Haley. A new Reuters report indicates that five significant Republican donors are looking at the former South Carolina governor as a viable hope to displace Trump as the nominee. Or, […]

Questions Surface After Military Base Abruptly Cancels ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Screenings

The producer of the summer blockbuster hit Sound Of Freedom is firing back after two screenings of the film at a military base was mysteriously cancelled, with questions now surfacing as to why. SOUND OF FREEDOM Official Trailer (2023) — Coronamania (@fron74) July 4, 2023 Military Base Cancels Sound Of Freedom Screening The military base U.S. Southern Command […]

Disney Seemingly Admits Defeat In Culture Wars – ‘Quiet The Noise’

After years of going shamelessly woke, Disney appears to have finally admitted defeat in the culture wars that are currently raging in this country. Disney CEO Bob Iger is signaling retreat, telling investors that he plans to "quiet the noise" in the company's culture war against conservatives. We applied the pressure—and we will keep pressing. […]