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Texas AG Joins Elon Musk’s Legal Battle Against Media Matters

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has opened an investigation into Media Matters For America (MMFA) regarding “potential fraudulent activity” in their quest to shut down the X social media platform, formerly known as Twitter. The move comes just days after X CEO Elon Musk announced that he was preparing a “thermonuclear” lawsuit against the far-left […]

Trump’s Absence From Fox News Debate Cost Them Millions Of Viewers

The Republican presidential primary debate that was aired on Fox News on Wednesday night brought in roughly 12.8 viewers, falling far short of ratings earned for a comparable election-season kickoff eight years ago. The former President Donald Trump’s refusal to attend the event due to what he believes is an insurmountable lead clearly hurt numbers […]

Fox’s Peter Doocy Fires Back at Biden After He Snaps Over ‘Lousy Question’ About Hunter’s Business Dealings: ‘They Don’t Want to Talk About Possible Legal Problems’

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy believes President Biden’s angry response to what he deemed a “lousy question” is further evidence that the White House does not want to discuss Hunter Biden’s business deals and the “possible legal problems” arising from them. On Wednesday, Biden was confronted by Doocy about recent Congressional testimony from Devon Archer, […]

Geraldo Rivera Announces He’s Quitting Fox News After Being Fired From ‘The Five’

Geraldo Rivera has announced that he has quit his job at Fox News after a 23 year career with the network. 80 year-old #GeraldoRivera Announces Exit from Fox News saying "Thanks for the memories!" — Giordano Bruno (@GioBruno1600) June 30, 2023 Rivera Quits Fox Rivera announced this on Twitter alongside a video of him […]

Fox News Reveals Tucker Carlson’s Replacement

It’s been two month since Fox News shockingly fired the legendary Tucker Carlson, and his replacement has just been revealed. BREAKING: Fox News announces that Jesse Watters will take over the 8pm slot that Tucker Carlson used to host — Officer Lew (@officer_Lew) June 26, 2023 Carlson’s Replacement Is Revealed Daily Mail reported that […]