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‘Sound Of Freedom’ Star Mira Sorvino Injured On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

The Sound Of Freedom star Mira Sorvino suffered an injury while competing on “Dancing With The Stars” this week. Please vote now! Text Mira to 21523 thank you!! — Mira Sorvino (@MiraSorvino) October 18, 2023 Sorvino Injured On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Sorvino, 56, was rushed to the hospital after she slipped and fell during a […]

The Biden Administration Lost Contact With 85,000 Children – Here’s How Congress Is Trying To Find Them

By Virginia Allen for The Daily Signal Congressman Chris Smith is preparing to introduce legislation that will require the federal government to locate the 85,000 migrant children it has lost contact with within the U.S. “This is all about accountability and effective interventions for these kids,” Smith, R-N.J., told The Daily Signal. RELATED: HHS Whistleblower Tara Lee Rodas […]

Jeffrey Epstein Emails Indicate Attempt to Blackmail Bill Gates Over Affair

A month doesn’t seem to go by without more salacious information about how deep the American elite was in with child sex offender and trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. While the international man of debauchery’s client list may never be revealed, Epstein’s old emails and calendar contain plenty of information to raise eyebrows about some of the […]

HHS Whistleblower Tara Lee Rodas Testifies, Warns U.S. is ‘Middleman’ in Human Trafficking Operation

The U.S.’s involvement in a “sophisticated network” of young migrants being trafficked into forced labor and other types of slavery has been exposed by a whistleblower who saw it firsthand. She described this network as being sophisticated. Witnesses in the Congressional hearing, titled “The Biden Border Crisis: Exploitation of Unaccompanied Alien Children,” included Health and […]