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Thanksgiving Meal Costs Are Far Higher This Year Than Before Biden Was President

The Thanksgiving meal is stressful to plan in and of itself, with worries over who to invite, accommodating various dietary needs, and ensuring that all items are purchased and ready to be cooked. But even worse is the sticker shock at grocery store, which is still raising blood pressures across the country as prices remain […]

Matt Gaetz Clashes With Fox’s Maria Bartiromo Over Kevin McCarthy’s Failures – ‘He’s Playing Patty Cake With The Bidens’

Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) had to remind Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo of the failures thus far in Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) tenure as House Speaker. In an oftentimes contentious interview, Bartiromo accused the Gaetz of waging a personal “vendetta” against McCarthy and potentially blowing up any “wins” the House GOP has seen thus far. Unimpressed, […]

Bidenomics Is Forcing You To Pay Hundreds More Per Month – Here’s The Proof

Moody’s Analytics is reporting that the average American household under Bidenomics is paying over $700 more per month this year than they did two years ago – for the exact same goods and services. The economic research firm’s numbers indicate that this is the effect staggering inflation under the current administration has had on the […]

Biden Propaganda on Jobs ‘Created’ Gets Fact-Checked by Twitter

President Biden’s consistent misleading claims on the number of jobs he’s “created” during his time in office finally caught up to him, earning a fact-checking ‘Community Note’ on Twitter. The official Twitter feed of the White House shared press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s post in which she attempted to describe “Bidenomics.” “For all of you wondering […]