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Hillary Clinton: Trump Would Like To ‘Kill His Opposition’ If Re-Elected

Hillary Clinton made shocking statements during a recent podcast in which she appeared to suggest that former President Donald Trump would like to “kill his opposition.” The former First Lady made that declaration during a conversation with Democrat election lawyer Marc Elias. She believes Trump will model his presidency after that of Russian President Vladimir […]

Travis Kelce ‘Likes’ Pro-Trump Instagram Post – Swifties Lose Their Minds

The fanbase of the liberal singer Taylor Swift, a group of people who call themselves “Swifties” in her honor, are losing their minds this week after her Kansas City Chiefs tight end boyfriend Travis Kelce reportedly “liked” a post that was pro-Donald Trump. Travis Kelce liking a post from Sage Steele promoting Trump. Not surprised […]

Democrats Pressure Nicole Shanahan To Abandon RFK Ticket Out of Trump Victory Fears

Progressive Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA), in a letter intended for vice presidential candidate Nicole Shanahan, is urging her to walk away from the ticket with Robert F Kennedy Jr., citing concerns that the campaign could lead to an election victory for Donald Trump. RFK announced his selection of Shanahan last month as he forges ahead […]

Key Biden Demographic – Union Workers – Are Now Trending Toward Trump

Union workers have long been an integral voter demographic for Democrats. This has been particularly true in swing states. But as of late, the realignment in our politics is shifting union support – and blue collar workers generally – to the GOP. Even in 2020, Biden barely managed a majority of union voters. That trend […]