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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Admits The Truth About Biden And Hollywood

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has admitted that none of his friends in Hollywood actually support President Joe Biden, whose approval ratings are lower than ever. The Rock backtracks after saying he has friends who support Joe Biden Credit: Joe Rogan Experience #2063 w/ Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson — Culture Cast (@CultureCastVids) November 17, 2023 […]

News Crew Robbed at Gunpoint While Filming in San Francisco

Crime-ridden San Francisco recently cleaned up its notoriously dirty streets for a visit by China’s Communist leader, Xi Jinping. That didn’t mean the crime went away. Such was the lesson learned by a news crew this week. The UK’s Daily Express US reported, “Czech TV journalist Bohumil Vostal found himself in a tense situation as […]

Starbucks To Close 7 San Francisco Stores Amid Crime Surge

Starbucks has announced that it is closing seven stores in San Francisco, California as crime continues to surge in the Democrat-run city. Bidenomics At Work! Starbucks closing 7 downtown San Francisco stores… — Rob Schneider (@RobSchneider) October 4, 2023 Starbucks Closing Stores  Jessica Borton, Starbucks’ regional vice president for Northern California, sent out a […]

Bill Maher Compares Woke Leftist’s Race Obsession To The Ku Klux Klan

The liberal media personality Bill Maher is speaking out to slam the woke left’s racial obsession, going so far as to compare it to the Ku Klux Klan. BILL MAHER ON WOKE DEMOCRATS “They believe race is first and foremost the thing you should always see everywhere, which I find interesting because that used to […]

‘Rich Men North Of Richmond’ Singer Reveals How God Saved Him From Suicide

Earlier this month, the country music singer Oliver Anthony found himself becoming an overnight success thanks to his hit song “Rich Men North Of Richmond.” In a new interview with the legendary podcast host Joe Rogan, Anthony is opening about his strong Christian faith, even crediting God with saving him from committing suicide. This Song […]

Joe Rogan Says Trump Can’t Be Beat In GOP Primary Race

The hugely popular podcast host Joe Rogan has declared that the former President Donald Trump cannot be beat in the Republican presidential primary race. Joe Rogan says he *is* open to having Donald Trump on his podcast to expose the deep state together! Will you be watching it? — Lori Deers (@Liana53160) August 7, […]