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Questions Surface After Military Base Abruptly Cancels ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Screenings

The producer of the summer blockbuster hit Sound Of Freedom is firing back after two screenings of the film at a military base was mysteriously cancelled, with questions now surfacing as to why. SOUND OF FREEDOM Official Trailer (2023) — Coronamania (@fron74) July 4, 2023 Military Base Cancels Sound Of Freedom Screening The military base U.S. Southern Command […]

Trump Roasts ‘Sloppy Loser’ Chris Christie After He Calls Former President A Coward

Donald Trump slammed Chris Christie as “sloppy” and a “total loser” while the former New Jersey governor fired back by accusing the Republican frontrunner of being a “coward” for reportedly skipping early primary debates. Christie, who has been floundering in the polls since announcing his own presidential campaign, has been incessantly mocking Trump in a […]

Jesse Watters Challenges Marco Rubio on ‘Corrupt’ Defense Spending: ‘Do You Have Any Idea Where the Money Goes?’

Fox News host Jesse Watters and Senator Marco Rubio engaged in a discussion during Monday’s broadcast of “Jesse Watters Primetime” about wasteful spending by the Department of Defense. “The Pentagon’s budget is more than China, India, Russia, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Germany, France, Japan, and South Korea combined,” Watters told viewers.  The analysis comes […]