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Morning Joe: If Trump Wins He Will ‘Imprison’ and ‘Execute’ People

Leave it to “Morning Joe” Scarborough to go overboard in his hatred for Donald Trump. On Tuesday, the MSNBC host declared that Trump was not a “normal candidate” and should not be treated as such. Scarborough called Trump a threat to democracy and suggested that his campaign needed to handled in a particular way. Now […]

Actual Newsweek Column: Trump Supporters Highly Likely To Kill People In 2024

I’m not really old enough to remember it, but wasn’t Newsweek once a revered publication that people sought out as a source of legitimate news? How did we reach a point where they found one unhinged “political analyst” and wrote an entire column about how it is “highly likely” that supporters of Donald Trump will […]

Biden Bizarrely Wanders Off Set During Live Interview

President Joe Biden, in one of the funnier – or alarming, depending on how you view it – moments we’ve seen, bizarrely wandered off-set at the conclusion of an interview even though the segment was still airing live. Biden sat down with MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace for a stunningly soft interview on Thursday. Despite scandals involving […]