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Air Force Base Warns Servicemembers That Exercising First Amendment Could Result in Discharge

There are specific rules military members must follow that your typical American citizen generally doesn’t have to concern themselves with. Servicemembers aren’t allowed to publicly speak out against the government in their service capacity or participate in political events while in uniform; they even must exercise caution in the sun as receiving a severe sunburn […]

Report: Ukrainian Special Forces Officer Behind Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Bombing

Ukraine has seen a surge in media coverage after sinking back into the rather large shadow the Israeli war against Hamas has cast over the world. But the headlines have not been good for the struggling Eastern European nation. Between rumors of unfettered corruption, plummeting support from American taxpayers, and rumors that the White House […]

The Legacy Of the United States’ Secret Wars, Past and Present

The Constitution grants Congress the power to declare war on behalf of the United States. The Founding Fathers believed that to entrust declarations of war to one man – as was the case with the British monarchy – would be too great a temptation and too heady of a responsibility. Congress has declared war a […]