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On The Same Day Biden Offers Nearly 500,000 Venezuelan Illegal Aliens Protection, Video Shows Them March Across The Border By The Thousands

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas announced on Wednesday that nearly a half-million Venezuelan illegal immigrants would be given permission to live and work in the country legally. Axios reported on the matter, extraordinarily downplaying it as affecting just “thousands” in its headline on an article referencing 472,000 Venezuelans who will now become the beneficiaries […]

Fox’s Peter Doocy Fires Back at Biden After He Snaps Over ‘Lousy Question’ About Hunter’s Business Dealings: ‘They Don’t Want to Talk About Possible Legal Problems’

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy believes President Biden’s angry response to what he deemed a “lousy question” is further evidence that the White House does not want to discuss Hunter Biden’s business deals and the “possible legal problems” arising from them. On Wednesday, Biden was confronted by Doocy about recent Congressional testimony from Devon Archer, […]

Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier: Joe Biden’s Most Embarrassing Moments

Joe Biden’s relationship with words is a lot like his relationship with gravity – it’s in free fall. This man seems to have been in office since the dawn of time, and while he probably has more recorded gaffes than any other politician in human existence, it doesn’t help that he has an endless supply […]