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New York Times Acknowledges Deep State, Says It’s ‘Kind Of Awesome’

For a long time many on the Left, including the New York Times, talking about the ‘Deep State’ was mere rightwing conspiracy theory nonsense. The idea that there was an entrenched class of unelected bureaucrats manipulating society behind the scenes was just crazy talk, they insisted. Now, apparently, the Deep State is awesome. So declared […]

Key Biden Demographic – Union Workers – Are Now Trending Toward Trump

Union workers have long been an integral voter demographic for Democrats. This has been particularly true in swing states. But as of late, the realignment in our politics is shifting union support – and blue collar workers generally – to the GOP. Even in 2020, Biden barely managed a majority of union voters. That trend […]

Argentina’s New President Javier Milei Warns America: ‘Fight Against Socialism’

Libertarian populist Javier Milei is the president-elect of Argentina, who ran on slashing the country’s socialist government and restoring sound money for the impoverished country. His number one enemy? Socialism. But socialism is more than just a welfare state and poorly-run healthcare systems. Milei has seen what happens, and he has a warning for the […]

Vivek Ramaswamy Says Stop Using Phrase ‘People Of Color’: ‘We Are Americans, Period’

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy called for people to stop using the phrase “people of color,” suggesting it promotes unnecessary racial conflict. Ramaswamy, the biotech entrepreneur who has made waves in the GOP primary with his brash declarations and outright denouncements of the weaponized administration of President Joe Biden, made the comments on X, the […]

Trump ‘Defends’ Chris Christie – He’s Totally ‘Not a Fat Pig’

Presidential candidate Donald Trump feigned defending Chris Christie from jokes about his weight, saying the former governor of New Jersey is “not a fat pig.” One of Trump’s favorite new tactics of late is to take potshots at Christie by pretending to hear somebody in the crowd insulting him. And that trend continued at a […]

Rapper Lil Pump Gets His Audience Chanting ‘We Want Trump!’

Donald Trump is far ahead of every other candidate in the Republican presidential primary. He also continues to break ground, reaching demographics that have long ignored the GOP. Nowhere is there better evidence than his fans in the hip-hop community. At a recent concert at the University of Arizona, popular rapper Lil Pump got the […]