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World Economic Forum Wants AI to Write a New, ‘Accurate’ Globalist Bible

In the last few months, Congress has held hearings on the implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI), ranging from its possible positive use to its already nefarious attributes, such as hackers’ abilities to use AI software to steal the voices of your family members and use them to manipulate you into believing they have been kidnapped. […]

Unbelievable Poll Shows American Values Are Dying, and Fast

Growing up, I was very close to my grandparents, who were from the Greatest Generation. They were from modest means, my grandfather served in World War II, and they lived a very traditional American family life. They went to church on Sundays, believed in hard work and the importance of family, and were fiercely patriotic. […]

Tucker Carlson Demands ‘Professional Christian’ Leaders Stand Up For Canadian Pastor Arrested For Protesting Drag Queen Event For Kids

Fox News host Tucker Carlson demanded “professional Christians” stand up and defend a Canadian pastor recently arrested for protesting a drag queen story event targeting children. The incident took place on February 25th at the Calgary Public Library where Derek Reimer of Mission7 was accused of joining several others in interrupting the drag event by […]