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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Claims the U.S. Can Afford to Support Ukraine and Israel

This week, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen gave an exclusive interview to Sky News, arguing that the United States could “certainly” afford to support a war in Israel and Ukraine simultaneously. The need to assure the world that the United States is postured financially to fund two significant wars is of increasing interest given the everyday […]

U.S. Taxes Subsidize Ukrainian Small Businesses as Americans Continue to Struggle

A recent 60 Minutes spot meant to highlight what the American tax dollars are paying for in Ukraine uncovered some details that were likely unknown to most citizens. We’ve all read, and I’ve extensively reported on, the copious amounts of dollars sent to Ukraine focused on military equipment and training. But what needed to be […]

Biden Admin Fights to Remove Ukraine Spending Oversight from Defense Bill

The proposed annual defense bill has all sorts of controversial nuggets in it, from requiring the Pentagon to cease paying for transgender medical care for soldiers to the expulsion of all diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives throughout the DOD. But the one morsel that has caught my attention has largely been ignored by the media. […]

The Pentagon Just ‘Discovered’ a $3 Billion Accounting Error That Benefits Ukraine – Even CNN’s Jake Tapper Thinks It’s Fishy

The Pentagon “discovered” a $3 billion accounting “error” that will conveniently allow President Biden to send more weapons to Ukraine without, as the news and administration claim – the need to ask Congress. It is a particularly opportune “mistake” considering the ongoing debt ceiling battle. Reuters reported on the alleged blunder late last week citing […]