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Whoopi Goldberg Drops ‘Unacceptable’ Word On ‘The View’ – Sends Producers Scrambling

Whoopi Goldberg recently slipped up on “The View” once again when she dropped an “unacceptable” word live on air, sending producers scrambling and causing the show to descend into chaos. Retweet if you would like Whoopi Goldberg fired from the View — Josh Dunlap ULTRA-MAGA (@JDunlap1974) January 6, 2023 Chaos On ‘The View’ “The […]

Whoopi Goldberg Slips Up – Accidentally Makes The Case For Biden’s Impeachment Inquiry

The radically liberal Hollywood star Whoopi Goldberg slipped up on Thursday when she accidentally made the case for her beloved President Joe Biden’s impeachment inquiry as she discussed it on her ABC talk show “The View.” JUST IN: Republican Rep. Scott Perry unleashes on regime reporter who tries suggesting that Republicans don't have any evidence […]

Matthew McConaughey Silences Joy Behar After She Claims He’s ‘Anti-Gun’

Things got tense on “The View” this morning after Joy Behar claimed that the Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey is “anti-gun.” .@TheView is LIVE — coming up this morning: The latest #HotTopics We're chatting with Matthew @McConaughey and more — The View (@TheView) September 12, 2023 Tense Exchange On ‘The View’ Entertainment Weekly reported that […]