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The UFO Hearing Taught Us How Government Really Works, Not About UFOs

Everyone has, at some point, pondered if we are alone in the universe. Growing up on shows like the original Carl Sagan “Cosmos,” “The X-Files,” and movies like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, I, like many in my generation, find the UFO topic at a minimum interesting if not now damn near Earth-shattering.  I […]

UFO Whistleblower Claims US Government Has “Non-human” Crafts and Remains

It’s been quite a time for conspiracy theorists and UFO hunters. It turns out the tinfoil hat wearers might be onto something – we may very well not be alone in the universe, and our own government may have proof of it.  This month a whistleblower came forward to provide classified testimony to Congress and […]

Pentagon Report Details Alien Mothership Theory About Sending Probes To Earth

Last month like many Americans, my husband and I were glued to our televisions as we watched coverage of unidentified flying objects showing up over our country and summarily getting shot down by our military. The first object, the famous Chinese spy balloon that took a meandering flight across our great country, kicked off the […]