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By Dr. Derek Ellerman

Former President Donald Trump plans to travel to Trump Tower in New York today in preparation for his arraignment in the mysterious case of the hush money that was apparently never paid over an affair that apparently never happened. 

As Reuters giddily reports, the 45th President will have his fingerprints taken along with this mugshot (which is going to make an awesome campaign t-shirt and poster).

After that, Trump will post bail and, according to his plan, head back to Florida – where he plans to deliver a speech from Mar-a-Lago. 

That’s where things get interesting. 

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Trump’s Post-Arrest Speech

If you’re anything like me, you’re just dying to know what Trump plans to say. 

He has been blistering Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg and the case in general, which is to be expected. But what comes after his arrest is anybody’s best guess. 

Trump had already called for protests in response to the political kangaroo court. 

In many other countries around the world, there would have been ongoing mass protests shutting down New York City in response to such nakedly corrupt, transparently political lawfare. 

But the government’s response to the Capitol Riot seems to have successfully – just as they intended – dampened the enthusiasm of America’s nominal right wing. 

Complicating matters further, there have been rumblings about slapping Trump – again, formerly the President of the United States of America – with a gag order

Say what you want about the Democrats, but they are a far more effective political force than the loyal opposition Republican Party. Much like the coordinated bans on social media, silence is the most effective weapon against Trump. 

They’d love nothing more than for Trump to speak out about his case and inform his supporters what’s happening – only to be found in contempt and thrown in the slammer. 

As the legendary Roger Stone argues (and Trump agrees), a gag order would also be very obvious election interference. 

I get the idea that such an actual “assault on our democracy” would be openly cheered and demanded by the people who pretend to be the custodians of said democracy.

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What Comes Next

I’m honestly not sure what to expect from Trump on Tuesday night. Formerly I would have expected Trump to call for some type of resistance or protest. Frankly, I think he would garner a lot of sympathy and support from the center if here tossed in the can for violating a gag order on such an obviously nonsense case. 

Of course, there’s nothing really that can be done about how the Langley Stenographers in the media will pound on him for “lawlessness” and “fascism” in so doing, so the left will get as riled up as they usually are. 

But what about the right? 

Will there be open political resistance? A few scattered, small-scale demonstrations… as opposed to, say, the left’s Summer of Floyd riots in 2020? 

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Conservatives are, by their nature, not inclined to such actions. But what about when the political system railroads the leading contender for the Presidency? 

The truth of the matter is, conservatives are mistaken. The political ideals and system of America are no longer the system that conservatives have aimed to conserve. 

As this case itself demonstrates, the left has total control of the system. It’s institutions and ranks are captured. 

In reality, it’s America’s political right – conservatives – who need to change the system. Back to a system defined by our founding principles. 

Put another way: it’s the left who is now trying to conserve the system they built, and the right that needs to demand change. 

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