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631: The One About Oils and Fats – Short Episode

When I tell people vegetable oils aren’t the healthiest option, it raises some eyebrows. That’s putting it mildly. In today’s short episode, I’m going into a somewhat detailed summary of fats and oils. Which ones are “good,” which ones are “bad,” and why even those terms are misnomers. There’s definitely some nuance on the subject, […]

Liver Cleanse: What It Is and How to (Really) Do Them

I’ve had a lot of questions over the years about how to do a liver cleanse. In today’s toxin-filled world, our liver & gallbladder can certainly take a beating. Here’s how to naturally support your liver and do a cleanse (although it’s probably not what you think!). What Is a Liver Cleanse? There are several […]

630: John A. Lieurance on Understanding Melatonin, Methylene Blue, and MitoZen

You’ve likely heard me talk about melatonin before and how I’ve been wary of regular use. My talk with Dr. John has challenged my thoughts on this as he covers some really important nuances around the topic. John Lieurance is an author, naturopathic physician, lecturer, and scientific advisor. After dealing with chronic illness (from birth), […]

Healthy Ranch Dressing Recipe (High Protein)

One flavor many people miss when they drop unhealthy vegetable oils is creamy, tangy ranch dressing. I know I did. I still love the taste of a good ranch dressing recipe. But I cringe to remember how I’d put store-bought ranch dressing on almost every school lunch in high school. Adding vegetable oils and processed soy to […]

Natural Homemade Baby Wipes

I’ve done my fair share of cloth diaper changes over the years. Like any concerned mom I opted for baby wipes I thought were safe and healthy for little ones. It turns out many baby wipes aren’t what they seem. So instead I came up with these DIY baby wipes with natural ingredients (plus they’re […]

Parmesan Chicken Nuggets Recipe (Kid Favorite!)

I’m not a fan of most chicken nuggets and “kid foods” that cater to picky eaters. Or ones that are mostly processed and devoid of vitamins. At the same time, kid-size food can be fun every once in a while. Especially if the kids help prepare it! Chicken parmesan is a classic recipe and an […]

632: Dr. Amy Shah on Food Creates Mood, Dopamine Pathways, and Improving Your Gut

I’m here today with my good friend Dr. Amy Shah. Not only is she a fellow mom, but she’s a double board-certified physician and nutrition expert with training from Cornell, Columbia, and Harvard. Her focus is helping her patients live their best lives with her holistic approach to health. Today’s talk focuses around the topic […]