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By Dr. Derek Ellerman

It’s perhaps the easiest litmus test you can give to a modern American conservative to see if they “get it” or not. 

The test is: Are hyper-left-wing journalists just do-gooders – pawns and stooges who are merely incorrect? Or are they deliberate actors – agents of Power?

I can only speak for modern America – but the answer is most assuredly the latter. 

And in the context of this country, at this time, that means the hierarchy of bosses journalists work for goes; 1) Langley/Pentagon/Quantico, 2) elected Democrats, and 3) left-wing activists. 

That’s who they work for. Elon Musk might not fully “get it” yet – or at least he hasn’t admitted it publicly – but that’s why the fake news is in an uproar and once again concentrating their fire on America’s greatest futurist. 

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News Media Upset With Accurate Reporting

Last week, Elon Musk’s Twitter finally semi-corrected a long-standing bias in their labeling. While foreign press outlets, if they are headquartered in a country on Today’s Enemies List, have long been slapped with a “state-affiliated media” label, finally Western outlets have been appended with that correct label

(As a side note, Twitter ended up changing the label to “government funded” so maybe Elon doesn’t get it after all. Point still stands.)

It started with NPR. Admittedly the least powerful and most hackneyed of America’s left-wing media outlets, it’s a good start. 

And boy, were the lib journos furious.

But just as an aside, so we can all revel in the glory of the American education system, some of NPR’s defenders apparently don’t seem to know what “state-funded” means. 

Really. Look:

NPR, you can impress me by informing your audience that “state” means “government” so they know basic things about how stuff works. 

A similar thing happened across the pond, when the vaunted BBC got the same label. 

The BBC says they shouldn’t get the label… because the BBC is publicly funded. (How are people graduating??)

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Get Musk!

The brouhaha, rather than cause an instant of self-reflection in the media, has them ginning up another round of “Elon Musk is a Moron” stories. 

Like this one.

Twitter lost money in a tech bubble! HA, what a fool Elon Musk must be! 

Meanwhile, my feed is full of the sweet, juicy ads that keep the internet free and everything still seems to be working fine, even without the hundreds of “employees” who did nothing all day but make tiktoks about how they eat lunch.

The fact of the matter is this. 

For a very long time, the media in this country has had two clients: The government, and the American left. 

They do not serve any kind of watchdog role. In fact, it’s very much the exact opposite. They are part-and-parcel of the modern Total State. 

How else can you explain the most revered newspaper in all the world, the New York Times, openly arguing that we shouldn’t ask any more questions about who really blew up the Nord Stream pipeline?

Was it “in no one’s interest” when everyone immediately blamed Russia for blowing up their own pipeline? Or is that only now, that we know the likely culprit: The New York Times’ bosses? 

No editor at Pravda would be hamfisted enough for such naked propaganda. Soviet dictators had far more respect for the intelligence and dignity of their people than journos have for Americans. 

The only problem with Musk’s move is that it doesn’t go nearly far enough. 

MSNBC and CNN are transparently campaign arms of the DNC. Fox News is transparently a campaign arm of the Mitch McConnell-wing of the GOP. 

Give everyone an appropriate label, Elon!

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