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Target CEO Defends Pulling LGBT Products After Customer Backlash

Target CEO Brian Cornell is speaking out this week to defend his decision to pull some LGBTQ merchandise from stores, saying that he did so for the safety of his employees after the backlash that came in over Pride month back in June. BREAKING: CNBC's @BeckyQuick pressed @Target's CEO, Brian Cornell, on the backlash the […]

Dr. Anthony Fauci Tests Positive For Covid Again

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who once claimed to represent Science, the man who convinced Americans that they needed to wear masks, get the vaccine, then booster-up multiple times to avoid getting COVID, has reportedly tested positive once again. The news comes via a staff email from New York Times assistant managing editor Elisabeth Bumiller. Fauci, 82, […]

Robert De Niro Blasts Trump As ‘Evil’ – Claims His Supporters Oppose Democracy

The radically liberal Hollywood star Robert De Niro launched a truly unhinged attack on the former President Donald Trump and his millions of supporters this week, claiming that democracy “won’t survive” if he is reelected. BREAKING Robert De Niro Strikes Again, Now Attacking Trump Supporters: ‘They Have Already Turned Their Backs on Democracy’ If you […]

Howard Stern Brags About Being Woke – ‘I Love It’

The radio host Howard Stern, who was once known as a shock jock, is defending himself for going woke by saying that he actually loves being that way. Howard Stern Embraces Being Called "Woke" Amidst Criticism Howard Stern has responded to criticism labeling him as "woke" by embracing the term, considering it a compliment. Stern […]

2020 All Over Again: COVID Is Back And Now So Are Black Lives Matter Protests

A Black Lives Matter protest erupted in Columbus, Ohio following the police officer-involved shooting death of an Ohio mother who was accused of shoplifting. She was tragically seven months pregnant at the time. The shocking incident, in which a local police officer shot Ta’Kiya Young in a Kroger parking lot last month, was caught on […]

Hollywood Studio Lionsgate Announces Mask Mandates Will Be Put Back In Place

The major Hollywood movie studio Lionsgate has announced that it will be reimposing mask mandates in its office. Lionsgate — the film company that has brought us movies like Hostel and Hunger Games where elites kill, torture and hunt humans for fun — has brought back mask mandates for the peasants working in their office. […]