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A Black Lives Matter protest erupted in Columbus, Ohio following the police officer-involved shooting death of an Ohio mother who was accused of shoplifting. She was tragically seven months pregnant at the time.

The shocking incident, in which a local police officer shot Ta’Kiya Young in a Kroger parking lot last month, was caught on bodycam.

Young had been accused of shoplifting from the same store.

The woman refused to exit her vehicle and eventually drove forward toward an officer who was in her path, prompting them to fire off a single round.

The shot proved fatal to both Young and her unborn child.

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Ta’Kiya Young Shooting Revives Black Lives Matter Protests In Ohio

The shooting of Young prompted Black Lives Matter protests to make an appearance once again on the streets of Columbus, Ohio.

Video posted to X, the social media platform previously known as Twitter, showed furious protesters taking to the streets and demanded justice.

Many protesters carried banners bearing Young’s name along with the names of others they claim were wrongfully killed by police officers in America.

“Justice for them all!” read one sign.

“Stop killer cops,” another demanded while protesters chanted the familiar refrain calling for violence in the streets: “No justice, no peace!”

Young had been accused of shoplifting alcohol and clearly hit the gas as her vehicle moved in the direction of the police officer who fired his weapon.

Critics claim the response was an overreaction, with Young’s vehicle not having the distance to gather up speed, though being struck by even a slow-moving vehicle could cause serious injury. There’s also no telling whether she might have floored it if the officer didn’t move.

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COVID And Black Lives Matter Protests – Another Summer of Love?

Cynics on social media couldn’t help but notice that two marquee features of the 2020 presidential election are now making a comeback as we head into the next cycle – COVID and Black Lives Matter protests in the streets.

Many believe the constant coverage – negative COVID coverage as a means to hurt Trump in the prior election and positive coverage of Black Lives Matter protests also as a means to sway votes toward President Joe Biden – helped influence the results.

Former Fox News producer Kyle Becker was among those who raised eyebrows over video of the new protests.

“BLM is back!” wrote Becker. “Black Lives Matter protesters marched tonight in Ohio over another race hoax. It must be election time again.”

Becker also pointed out that there is nothing to suggest the officer’s actions were motivated by anything other than fear for his own safety.

“There is no evidence race is a factor,” he wrote.

It’s also important to note that those who try to defend people fleeing police officers state that they are justified because they fear for their lives.

“She was getting out of the way because she knew she was going to die,” high school teacher Malissa Thomas St Clair told the Daily Mail.

But it’s that kind of false narrative, amplified by the media, that is perhaps fueling an epidemic of people trying to flee from the police in a never-ending cycle.

Were the officer’s actions necessary? Some would say he escalated too rapidly. But, does that officer fire his gun if Young turns off her vehicle? Probably not.

The Black Lives Matter protests in Columbus come as COVID has also made a reappearance after laying seemingly dormant for most of the Biden presidency.

Several private institutions, hospital operators, and colleges have reintroduced mask requirements for staff or visitors to their sites as new coronavirus variants emerge.

Former President Donald Trump believes Democrats are going to use lockdowns and mandates as a means to meddle in the 2024 presidential election.

The media, Democrats, and even celebrities and athletes attempted to fuel Black Lives Matter protests regarding the shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant in Columbus, Ohio.

That officer turned out to be a hero, as it was later revealed he prevented Bryant from stabbing another black teenager.

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