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2020 All Over Again: COVID Is Back And Now So Are Black Lives Matter Protests

A Black Lives Matter protest erupted in Columbus, Ohio following the police officer-involved shooting death of an Ohio mother who was accused of shoplifting. She was tragically seven months pregnant at the time. The shocking incident, in which a local police officer shot Ta’Kiya Young in a Kroger parking lot last month, was caught on […]

Democrats Want GOP Rep. Clay Higgins Arrested for Removing Socialist Protester from Event

By Dr. Derek Ellerman Democrats are in an uproar over an incident in which a Republican Congressman, Clay Higgins, physically removed a socialist protester from a press conference. It all began when a socialist identified as Jake Burdett began shouting questions at the assembled Republicans, among them Lauren Boebert, Paul Gosar, and Rep. Higgins. Burdett […]

McCarthy Warns Conservatives to Stand Down if Trump is Arrested

By Dr. Derek Ellerman While I doubt that anyone really knows what’s going to happen with the rumor about President Trump’s pending arrest, outside of perhaps Trump himself or Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, we know one thing for sure.  New House Speaker Kevin McCarthy wants Americans to stand down and not protest in the […]