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Jesse Watters Challenges Marco Rubio on ‘Corrupt’ Defense Spending: ‘Do You Have Any Idea Where the Money Goes?’

Fox News host Jesse Watters and Senator Marco Rubio engaged in a discussion during Monday’s broadcast of “Jesse Watters Primetime” about wasteful spending by the Department of Defense. “The Pentagon’s budget is more than China, India, Russia, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Germany, France, Japan, and South Korea combined,” Watters told viewers.  The analysis comes […]

House Oversight Committee Opens Investigation Into DOD 5th Consecutive Failed Audit

After the Department of Defense (DOD) failed its fifth consecutive audit in November, House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) and Subcommittee on Government Operations and the Federal Workforce Chairman Pete Sessions (R-Texas) are looking into the DOD’s failure to prevent waste, fraud, and abuse. The Republican congressmen wrote to Defense Secretary […]

Why Are U.S. Military Academies Seeing Alarming and Historic Increases in Sexual Assaults?

The United States military has struggled with the scourge of sexual harassment and assault for decades. Despite new programs, new offices, new training, and stand-down days meant to increase awareness and decrease instances of sexually related crimes, the military still wrestles with scandal after scandal. A recent survey of military academy cadets shows that this […]