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Last September, the tweets of the Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA) Chief of Diversity, Ms. Kelisa Wing, stirred up controversy over the proliferation of leftist ideologies. As a refresher, the DoDEA operates 160 schools across military installations in the United States and 11 foreign countries.

These schools service around 66,000 military children whose parents work on our bases and protect our country near and far. The discovery that the DODEA’s Chief of Diversity not only tweeted disparaging remarks about white people but had written various children’s books geared toward elevating such divisive topics as defunding the police had many parents and legislators concerned.

Six months later, and as far as anyone is aware, Wing is still in the same position with radio silence from the Pentagon on the results of their 30-day probe into her actions. But perhaps the most alarming part of this story that the five-sided building no doubt wishes would go away is the increase in Wing’s books showing up at these DOD schools.

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Whatcha Gonna do?

Last September, it was discovered that in June of 2020, Wing had tweeted, “I’m so exhausted at these white folx in these PD (professional development) sessions this lady actually had the caudacity to say that black people can be racist too… I had to stop the session and give Karen the BUSINESS… we are not the majority, we don’t have the power.”

Besides the obvious slaughter of the English language throughout that tweet, it alone should’ve been enough to disqualify this individual for any diversity position, let alone a Chief of Diversity slot.

Yet, a year later, she was selected to lead diversity for the entire DODEA at the Pentagon. Gosh, you’d think marginalizing a whole race and gender of society would be a ‘no-no’ in the diversity world… but the truth is none of these people care about diversity in the first place.

Last month, Wing gave an exclusive interview with Military Times, arguing, “No, I did not make disparaging comments against white people.” Interesting, the above sure seemed disparaging to me and focused towards white people…maybe ‘white folx’ are a different group altogether?

I wouldn’t know, given that ‘folx’ isn’t an actual word. But, she claimed, “I would never categorize an entire group of people to disparage them.” 

Except, of course, when you categorize an entire group of people like ‘white folx’ and then disparage them publicly on social media for pointing out the truth that anyone can be a racist, even a black Chief of Diversity. 

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Excuses Excuses

In her sit down with Military Times, she explained that we must understand that she was “in a space where I was the only person of color.” According to her, since this particular professional development session happened shortly after the murder of George Floyd and she was the only person of color in the session, she was justified in her expulsion of hate on Twitter.

It’s important to note that at no point in this interview did Wing apologize for her actions that may have caused anyone any offense or pain. Suppose the tables were turned, and instead of being a black employee, a white employee had tweeted something similar in anger directed at a minority group.

Do you suppose they would still have their job let alone be allowed to use lame excuses for such abhorrent behavior? Of course not, because we live in a society that has perfected the double standard.

Wing has called herself a ‘woke administrator.’ When asked by the Military Times how she would define ‘woke,’ she said, “being conscious, being aware, being aware of my surroundings, being aware of everything… that’s what it means to me and what it’s always meant to me.”

Unless, of course, she is on Twitter, then she has zero situational awareness.

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Some Light Reading

In addition to being an ‘educator’ and Chief of Diversity, Ms. Wing is also the co-author of various children’s books. The titles of these timeless tales include:

  • What is White Privilege?
  • What Does it Mean to Defund the Police?

When the tweets were discovered in September, her co-authored books were available in 11 DOD school libraries. As of last Friday, the number has grown to over 600 books in 49 DOD schools from Quantico, Virginia, to Japan.

This increase is nearly 1,250% or tenfold since the Twitter scandal broke. Some of the books found in Elementary and Middle Schools include:

  • What is the Black Lives Matter Movement?
  • Racial Justice in America: Topics for Change
  • Jim Crow and Policing
  • What is Anti-Racism
  • How Can I Be An Ally?

Just what I’m sure America’s soldiers, sailors, airmen, guardians, and Marines want their children to read about in school while they go off to fight forever wars and guard the very bases they live on.

No Accountability

There are more questions than answers six months after this scandal broke. For instance, how did this individual get hired in the first place?

The creation of her current job results from President Biden’s Executive Order that mandates all federal agencies to create “Equity Teams,” one of many government waste products designed to appease the far left of the Democrat Party. After discovering the tweets, legislators demanded the Pentagon answer the bill on this question and many others to include the future of Ms. Wing’s employment in the DOD.

In a letter to the Secretary of Defense, Congressmen Mike Rogers and Jim Banks wrote, “It is outrageous that a DOD official whose job it is to oversee ‘worldwide K-12 education programs for the children of DOD personnel’ has engaged in racially disparaging comments with clear inflammatory language on her social media and in other writings.” While all of that is accurate, the Pentagon has refused to comment on any of the questions Congress has asked, proving that they believe themselves to be above the civilian governing body of our nation.

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, who introduced last year a ‘Service Member Parents Bill of Rights’ said of the recent news that Wing’s books are growing in footprint on school bookshelves, “Far-left radical Kelisa Wing is under investigation for her racist and divisive statements, but Biden’s Department of Defense is allowing her to continue to infiltrate the classrooms and minds of our service member’s children.”

“Our service members deserve transparency for what their children are learning, not more stonewalling from the Biden administration,” stated Stefanik.

That is very true. However, I doubt the men and women who fight for our freedoms will receive any answers to these questions. Instead, they will sit through more professional development sessions aimed at labeling them, victims or oppressors. At the same time, their children learn to ‘unpack their white privilege’ and fight to abolish the criminal justice system. 

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