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Report: Ukrainian Special Forces Officer Behind Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Bombing

Ukraine has seen a surge in media coverage after sinking back into the rather large shadow the Israeli war against Hamas has cast over the world. But the headlines have not been good for the struggling Eastern European nation. Between rumors of unfettered corruption, plummeting support from American taxpayers, and rumors that the White House […]

The Legacy Of the United States’ Secret Wars, Past and Present

The Constitution grants Congress the power to declare war on behalf of the United States. The Founding Fathers believed that to entrust declarations of war to one man – as was the case with the British monarchy – would be too great a temptation and too heady of a responsibility. Congress has declared war a […]

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Claims the U.S. Can Afford to Support Ukraine and Israel

This week, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen gave an exclusive interview to Sky News, arguing that the United States could “certainly” afford to support a war in Israel and Ukraine simultaneously. The need to assure the world that the United States is postured financially to fund two significant wars is of increasing interest given the everyday […]

The Pentagon Just ‘Discovered’ a $3 Billion Accounting Error That Benefits Ukraine – Even CNN’s Jake Tapper Thinks It’s Fishy

The Pentagon “discovered” a $3 billion accounting “error” that will conveniently allow President Biden to send more weapons to Ukraine without, as the news and administration claim – the need to ask Congress. It is a particularly opportune “mistake” considering the ongoing debt ceiling battle. Reuters reported on the alleged blunder late last week citing […]