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The Fox News host Laura Ingraham is fighting back against politicians trying to push America toward another “forever war” in Iran and the Middle East at large.

“Now, let me be blunt here – as I always am – but we need to make sure that the justified retribution campaign led by Israel against Hamas does not turn into the U.S. being thrown into another forever war – this time with Iran,” she warned on Thursday’s edition of “The Ingraham Angle.”

Ingraham’s comments were in response to a shocking statement made by war hawk Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who insisted that the best way to proceed following the terrorist attacks against Israel was to conduct bombing operations against oil refineries in Iran.

“I would bomb Iran’s oil infrastructure,” Graham said in an interview with CNN. “The money financing terrorism comes from Iran.”

Host Abby Phillips inquired whether the South Carolina lawmaker would want the United States and Israel to bomb Iran “even in the absence of direct evidence.”

“Yes,” Graham unflinchingly responded. “I would do a joint military operation. I’d tell the Iranians today, ‘If the war escalates, you will pay a price.’”

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Ingraham: Tap The Breaks On War With Iran

Ingraham continued to chastise Senator Graham as she introduced his colleague from Tennessee, Senator Bill Hagerty, to the show.

“Senator Graham has also said that this is a ‘holy war’. When I start hearing that, I get concerned,” Ingraham rightly expressed.

“If you listen to what Lindsay Graham is saying, this seems to be moving into a much wider campaign,” she told Hagerty, who had pivoted to discussing Israel’s right to defend itself.

A right very few rebuke.

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Graham Was Calling For War With Russia Too

This isn’t the first time that Ingraham has hit back at Graham for his repeated default war stance.

He was heavily criticized by members of his own party back in March of 2022 when he almost immediately responded to the war in Ukraine by calling for Russian President Vladimir Putin to be assassinated.

Ingraham called those comments “dangerous and stupid.”

“I don’t know why a sitting U.S. senator would be tweeting that out, it seems really dangerous and stupid to say that,” she commented. “And we like Lindsey Graham, but that’s just a stupid comment.”

Graham also voiced support for establishing a no-fly zone in Ukraine, a move critics warned would effectively mark the beginning of World War III.

He has expressed support for bombing drug cartels in Mexico and enthusiastically supported the Iraq War.

If Graham had his way, the United States would be fighting wars on about half-a-dozen different fronts throughout the world.

Fox News host Jesse Watters previously called Graham and his fellow Republicans out on the one battle that they don’t seem to vehemently support – defending Donald Trump and his supporters.

Watters took him to task shortly after the FBI raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, suggesting that Graham isn’t nearly as mad about the weaponization of the federal government against political opponents as he has been about other things, such as the war in Ukraine.

“I love having you on, Lindsay. You know, you and I have debated about things and I’ve seen you pretty spitting mad over Ukraine,” Watters said. “But you don’t seem as mad … about this.”

“I don’t understand why people aren’t out in the streets,” he added.

If he could bomb the streets, we’re sure Graham would be the first to sign up.

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